Sportoid; A revolutionary initiative in growing sports market


Cricket undoubetedly has remained the most popular game in India since ages. But, with the changing ecosystem, a number of sports lovers are also finding interests in other games like Badminton, Wrestling, Tennis, Football, etc.

India is the country, where sports is quite popular, but it is only limited to those games, which are backed up by big sponsors. Though Soccer is quite popular throughout the world, it is not that popular in India due to lack of sponsorship. Saying that Football or Soccer is not popular will be wrong, but a lot of people are not interested in the game or simply lack the shine due to the absence of sponsors. The reason also lies behind the fact that India do not participate in the Soccer World Cup or similar other International tournaments. The same goes for other games like Tennis, Wrestling etc., as the players come from a poor background, and do not get a good amount of media attention to which sponsorship plays a very important role.

Sportoid, the rising star ?

With the advancement of the Internet, a number of such unpopular games are gaining some popularity, as a number of sports fans are watching the games and the news on the Internet, the Indian Government is also taking active part to promote such sport which are not very popular. Amidst this, Sportoid plays as a perfect gap filler between potential games and sponsors. A Gurugram based startup, Sportoid deals with sports and games throughout India. The startup is actually showcasing a number of great performances to a number of companies, who can be prospective sponsors for those games. If the company works in the way, in the near future, as it is working now, there will surely be a revolution of sports in India. The actual operation process of the company is still not yet known, but it is expected, it will be visible to the sports lovers within the next few months.

With this, India can witness a new revolution in the financial sports market that could bring widen the opportunity pipelines for many athletes as well as sports promoter.


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