Sheer joy of fans when India scored its first FIFA goal


It was a scintillating experience for everyone who was present at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi to witness the international match between India and Columbia for FIFA U17 World Cup Group A qualifiers. After the disappointing loss to the team of USA by three goals, the Indian boys seemed to be pretty determined to restore their glory this time.

The match summed up how important football is for us. I know for sure that every person enjoying the match sitting at home had the same adrenaline rush when our boys in blue tackled on the field.

The commencement of the match with our National Anthem was a very proud moment for everyone. The entire stadium paid their tribute to the National Anthem by standing and singing the verses. Seeing the entire stadium chanting the anthem definitely encouraged the boys in blue and filled them with pride.

Previously, there was a huge issue depicting the water crisis where more than 25,000 school students hustled for a simple amenity of drinking water. After fighting the searing heat, they were bound to jostle for water as the authority could not arrange proper drinking water provision.

The audience was only allowed to bring their phones and wallets. All the admirers were busy taking photos in the gallery before the commencement of the match.

The moment of sheer joy came when Jeakson Singh scored a header to tie the match in the 82nd minute. The joy of the crowd was unimaginable as India scored its first international goal on the FIFA platform. The header was perfectly connected that took the ball past Mier, the Columbian goalkeeper and gifted India with its first much-awaited score.

Many of the diehard fans burst into tears of joy. The entire crowd went crazy and celebrated the score as the audience new that this is a curtain raiser for the Indian team to a new future. India lost the match to the Colombian boys but the perfect score will be etched forever in every spectator’s mind.


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