Online streaming; India vs. Australia 3rd ODI



If you are not aware of online streaming of sports media, you might be living under the rock. You can easily stream the third ODI of India and the Aussies, LIVE from Indore.

The cable connections charge differently for various sports channels, and you might not have the subscription to enjoy the match on your TV. If you do not want to recharge now, you can stream the live match online, with a few of the given options. You just need a mobile or a computer or laptop in your hand to start streaming, along with an internet connection with decent speed.

Using Hotstar is one of the best ways to stream all kind of sports, and the third ODI is also not going to be an exception to that. If you are not having a subscription, you will get a 5 minute delayed streaming, and in case, you are having a subscription, you can enjoy the match live. 5 minute delay will not make a difference, as you can always have an eye on the live scores, just below the area, where the video is played. You can even choose the commentary language easily.

Using Jio subscription

If you are having a Jio connection, or is using a JioFi device, you can sream the match on your smartphone, with the help of the JioTV app. You just need to open the app, and choose the channel, where it is being broadcasted. By choosing between the two different channels, you can either go for Hindi or English commentary. The only drawback is, you cannot stream it directly to your laptop, with a JioTV subscription.

Watch the scores

If you are not having enough time, and want to keep an eye on the scores, you can do that with the help of Google cards,,, and other places. The three sources mentioned here are the best, as the scores are updated fast, and you can also get match insights from time to time.

So get set for the cricket festive season and enjoy live streamings with loads of fun !


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