Lionel Messi hasn’t yet signed Barcelona’s contract of £500,000/week – will he sign


Lionel Messi hasn’t yet signed Barcelona’s contract of £500,000/week – will he sign

Recently Barcelona announced that Lionel Messi has signed a fresh contract with them on the 5th of July. But six weeks have gone and still there is no indication of signing of any other Argentine stars.

They have already lost Neymar so whether the deal will be closed is still a mystery. In January Messi will have the option to sit down with other clubs and up to the next summer Messi is going to be free.

What’s Barcelona’s latest word

Jordi Mestre stated that they were very much clear about this process and it will be rather surprising if the club still being late to get the star’s signature. But there ia a contradiction with the statement of Josep Maria Bartomeu, who is the president.

According to him, the signing of the contract will be completed at the ending of June and vital fact is that Messi is going to be there for next four years.

So, who’s to be believed

But then if you are the football lover fan,then you will think that the main question raised is that why there is delay to sign the contract. Why Messi is taking so much time to be dressed in a suit and tie and face the cameras which throws light on the contract is in the air. It is very much true that the club is still in the trauma of leaving of Neymar but hope they will recover soon. May be this incident give Messi a second thought to sigh here.

But above all there is no possibility of Messi to leave this club as his associations with this club and city are too strong. But it is also true that Messi will sign after being satisfied with club’s sporting direction.



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