Did you know the great achievement of this Indian sports masterpiece?

In the fourth round of the famous Grand Master Tournament Rarekhevak Open, held in the memory of former world champion American Grand Master Bobby Fisher, Rakevake, Nike Sarin, the world’s ninth Emperor, Nihal Sarin, gave a more spectacular result than former World Junior Champion Yag Grand Master Edley Ahmad was defeated and with that he will be with 3.5 points in the Indian players Sector is further made. Vaibhav Suri, who has three players on the other hand, lost to Vaibhav Suri, who had a splendid, subtle and fennel, on the other side, the skipper got his first win after two draws. Entering another victory, Fennil Shah has just reached a distance of 6 points from his International Master title. The same where Kidambi played his third draw, Praghananda had to face his first defeat.
Talks of Nihal Sarin of India, who has continued his excellent performance after ArrowFlot in Requevak. Today, in the Queen Gobbett DickLine Opening, he showed to Edley Ahmed how much he had talent in them. He never lost control of the game and always kept Edley under pressure, he used his horse very well and consequently, he got a pawn edge as soon as he got out of the game of his wazer. In the end, Two pawns were made and Adele had to accept defeat in 68 moves.
At the same time, Vaibhav Suri, who was playing on the first table, could not maintain his advantage and he had to face defeat by Yelmaz Mustafa of Turkey. With this victory, Mustafa has now made a single edge.


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