Junior Indian team wins title in World Championship 2017, country triumphs


India has been thriving in the sports industry especially in the badminton segment. Being a cricket-centric country, the other sports often get overshadowed by its glory. Despite the huge fan base of the cricket team, the Indian badminton team has managed to divert the focus of the majority of Indians towards the sports on an international level. The junior team yesterday made history after defeating the team of France in the tough sets.
The Junior World Badminton Championship is being held in Indonesia. The organizing country itself has a very strong team. Like the senior team, the junior participants are creating landmarks in the history of badminton.
The matches started with the National Anthem when all the Indian players, team members, management and the well-wishers paid heartfelt tribute to the tricolor. From the very first moment of the commencement, the junior team showed a lot of energy in a structured way. It seemed that Arun Vishnu, the 5-times National Champion, has managed to give a fortified structure to the raw talents.
The air-burning smashes and the exclusive body language displayed by the junior Indian team was absolutely remarkable. This makes it very clear that the coach has done a great job to modify and motivate the juniors and pave the way to make them the future stalwarts of the sports.
The matches ended with utmost satisfaction for the Indian team and utter despair for the French one. The energy level of the juniors was unmatchable. The display of constructive power and technique balanced the entire scenario in the favor of the Indian team. Within few minutes of the commencement of the matches, the audience became quite sure who was going to clinch the title.
Proving every Indian well wisher right, the juniors bagged the top position and clinched the title of Junior World Championship 2017 creating history. Seeing the enthusiasm and burning desire among the youngsters, we can rest assured that the glory days of Indian badminton will be continued like the way it is being held high by the senior teammates. Everyone was dancing and shouting to cheer the youngsters in the gallery. The entire team held a tricolor in the middle of the court and enjoyed the righteous victory.


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