Jenneke’s pre-warm-up dance video will give you exercise goals.


Every sports person has their own unique style through they got famous. Everyone has got something which makes them unique and different from others. Michelle Jenneke is one of them. She is an international level athlete who has won many awards and hearts in her career. The major reason her popularity is her dance moves which she also does at the beginning of any of her race. Here pre-race dance video became an internet sensation but soon all the fame was turned into trolls when she lost her recent race coming at 6th position in the 100-metre hurdle race in Rio-de-Janeiro. People trolled her for not being serious about her career and just focusing on dance.

When the athlete was asked about performance, she said she is herself disappointed with her performance, she could have run faster but things don’t work out, also she thinks people are trolling her for no reason as winning and losing is the part of the game.

Michelle Jenneke is an international hurdler and model. She is of Australian origin born in Kenthrust, New South Wales, Australia. She is a model cum athlete whose pre-warmup dance gave her a spotlight in the media and the whole world. She has won the silver medal in Summer youth medal 2010 and secured a position for Rio Olympics Games by winning the Australian Athletics Championship. Jenneke started her career at an early age and won many titles in her life. She has won Summer Olympics, Singapore securing a 2nd place, The Australian championship securing the 1st place for qualifying in the Olympics Rio de Janeiro.

Jenneke became an internet sensation when her pre-warmup dance video came to light. She had a worldwide attention after her video release, the 19-year-old hurdler was seen dancing with some moves as a warm-up rather than normal warm-ups moves. Her video got thousands of views and likes overnight and made her famous. She was also seen in The Tonight show and did modelling for a number of magazines, also ranked no 10 by as a “Most desirable women”. Jenneke is a young, bubbly and lively person in real life and she lives life to fullest and we wish her all the best for her future life.


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