India out of the Davis Cup, this year, as well


India got out of the prestigious Davis Cup of Tennis, by getting defeated against Canada. India needs to work hard to showing a better performance in the game.

It is really a matter of sadness for the Indian Tennis community, and the Tennis fans, when India got eliminated from the Davis Cup in the first round, by getting defeated against Canada by 2-3. Thus, India got out of the Asia or Oceania zone of the Davis Cup of Tennis. The next match will be played in China, and the participating teams will be China and the New Zeeland.

Previous attempts

India has already tried 4 times to be a part of the Davis Cup, and enter the list of top 16 teams, but failed each time, miserably. India got defeated by Serbia in the year 2014. Apart from that, they also go defeated by Czech Republic in the year 2015, and also Spain in the year 2016. Thus, the dream of India to be a part of top 16 teams is failing almost every time.

Absence of sponsors

The problem with the sports Tennis in India is that, there are no proper sponsors for the game, and proper funding is not provided to the players, who can compete well in the series. Proper sponsors should be found out for various games in India, apart from Tennis. Tennis not being a team game, a number of spectators is not willing to watch them. It is a reason, why a number of sponsors are coming forward.

A roadmap

But, the Indian government should play an important role in funding, without depending a lot on the sponsors. Another way of bringing sponsors for the game is to start campaign, which can make the game popular among the common people. A proper roadmap should be prepared by the Sports Authority of India, which can make the campaign, a success.


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