Garima Behal – Fan Girl, Admirer, Dhoni Preacher !


Garima Behal, a postgraduate student in Commerce from DSE, claims to not be a fan yet, pens down a powerful letter on MS Dhoni’s birthday. Hailing from Rohini, Delhi, she is a writer in making who weaves beautiful words to express her thoughts.

Garima is an ardent follower of cricket and remembers World Cup 2011 as the point when Dhoni started growing on her. The letter to the ex-captain was an attempt to express her admiration for the man whom she has been fangirling since then but, always kept it to herself till now. On being asked if she misses Dhoni’s captaincy, she says- “I wish he hadn’t retired but, I appreciate he did this on right time. That’s why I love him even more.” For Garima, Dhoni’s unbeatable resolution and the trust he has always put on his team is the major attraction factor. And, the mature fan she is, her letter reflects the keen observation she has put into Dhoni’s game, captaincy and obviously the biopic that made her feel the captain even more closely. Though she denies being a fan, she is an ideal enquiry to the different definitions of being a fan in India that transcends all the typical notions.



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