Fund issues barring javelin throw finalists from participation in the finals


It is quite unfortunate for sportspersons, and the countries representing them, when they cannot participate in international events. The sensation is more painful, when the reason is financial support.

Davinder Singh Kang is the first javelin thrower, who made it to the final rounds of the World Championship Javelin Final, has been barred from competing in Italy, unless he gets financial support from the Indian Government. He has also said, he is facing a lot of troubles to fund his travel costs, and is also talking with the sports authorities of Italy.

The issues

Davinder is a 28 year old javelin thrower, is also an army officer, is quite heated, after he is not allowed to participate in Target Olympic Podium Scheme or TOPS, which is an initiative from the Sports ministry of India to give money to the sportspersons, who has the potential to bring medals for the country. The scheme was started in 2015, but Davinder cannot take the advantage of it.

Strong determination

According to Davinder, he fulfils all the criteria to be a part of TOPS, but he is quite annoyed to find that his name is no longer there in the list. Davinder is participating in the competition, even after he is having a kind of injury in his shoulder, which shows, how determined he is, to make India famous. It is really a great opportunity for him to win the medals, as he has reached the finals from 27 teams.

The possible reasons

Though, there are a number of speculations, which are coming from the media houses, and one of them is, he might have been found positive in a dope test, which can be a reason, why his name is kept away from the list. But, in spite of everything, there are no official announcements made by TOPS officials, regarding the reason behind removing the name.


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