This cute letter to Master Blaster will make you fall for it.


Children are very innocent and tend to catch things very quickly. They love to tell you about their achievements and so on. An adorable letter from a 5th-grade child proves this, though the kid likes to play a different sport but started to like the cricket after when he watched Sachin Tendulkar’s movie. Also, the kid mentioned his newest achievement about learning to type from Microsoft word. This was cute, isn’t it? Sachin himself was awed with such a cute gesture of the kid for this he not only shared kid’s letter on his twitter account but also gave best wishes to the kid. And of course, this would be a dream come true moment for the child who wrote the letter to Sachin.
The child also mentioned about his cousin who plays cricket with Suyog Sachin’s son and wished for seeing him in the stadium playing live. The kid now is inspired to play cricket and he does play cricket in his free time and also asked Sachin if he could give him some instruction over the game.

This is not the first time that Master blaster has received such letters from his young fans, earlier Sachin has shared 2 more letters from his twitter account which was handwritten and too cute. A boy named Avineeshwar wrote that he was proud of writing the letter to him and he is a big fan and wanted to be just like Sachin after growing big and asked his idol to reply back with an autographed page. And Sachin did justice to the child, he not only replied to but also shared his letter to the world. For a child, it’s the little things what matters. Of course, Avineeswar would be very happy after the reply from his favourite master blaster.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar or Master Blaster is very famous personality known for his tremendous innings in Cricket, has made many unbreakable international records but more than that has made many fans from his humble behaviour and cute gestures. At last, we just want to say, “We love you Sachin”.


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