Crazy Thing a fan did for Jwala Gutta


Celebrities are the public figure, people follow them. Their actions, what they wear, whatever they do is a matter of discussion for people. Many of them are our role models, we want to become like one of them and much more. Celebs can’t communicate with their fans directly so they opt for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. With the help, these social media site The Indian Badminton sensation Jwala Gutta shared a picture of her printed on a firecracker box in her recent tweet with a caption “Now I’ve achieved everything”. The tweet was followed by many comments, some of them were negative some of them positive. But no one can deny the facts how some fans (I’m assuming only a fan get her picture printed on a firecracker box) come up with such hilarious ideas. This shows Jwala Gutta ha got really good fans and they would go to  any extent for showing their love for Jwala Gutta and they also take advantage of their celebrities’ fame.


Jwala Gutta is known for her international badminton career for representing India. She has won many medals and has become  a role model for many, despite her talents people came up with such stupid ideas, these ideas are stupid but funny at the same time and this not the 1st time when something like this has happened many movie actresses and sports personality have been portrayed in firecracker brands. Celebrities have different types of fans and from which these fans are just unique. The way they express their love is humorous and amazing.


No wonder fans go crazy for their favourite celebrity and this sometimes is funny, sometimes irritating and also causes issues for the celebrity but celebrities love their fans because they are one who motivates them and helps them to grow including their friends and family. We would also wish Jwala gutta All the Best for her good career and a good life for future. We love you and will always support you.




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