The black day of the 1996 World Cup when Indian fans had burned the stadium

Cricket is called a game of uncertainty. What happens in the match is not known to be done at the moment and that is why it is called Gentleman Game. But sometimes such incidents fall in the ground, due to which this Gentleman game has to be shy. Yesterday, on 13 March, there was an incident which was shameful to Indian cricket. On this day, the 1996 World Cup semi-final match between India and Sri Lanka was played, in which the audience had made a lot of ruckuses.
This semifinal match between India and Sri Lanka was held in the Eden Gardens of Kolkata. In the captaincy of Mohammad Azharuddin, India decided to bowl first by winning the toss. Sri Lanka first scored a target of 252 for 8 wickets in front of India. Fans had the expectations that the 1983 World Cup winning Indian team would beat Sri Lanka and win the title again in the final, but it all changed. Going to the target of 252 runs, the Indian team dropped to the 8th position of the first wicket team as Navjot Sidhu. After that, Sachin Tendulkar and Sanjay Manjrekar raised the team’s score, but as soon as Sachin was dismissed by 65 runs, the Indian team started scattering like the cards. The team score was 120 for 8 wickets. In such a scenario, the audience felt that it is difficult for India to win this match. Angry audiences started blocking the stadium and started throwing bottles on the ground, due to which the match had to be stopped immediately.
The extent has come when the audience set fire to the stadium. Some viewers handed the seats to the fire. After this incident, Indian cricket suffered slander and it got criticized in the cricket world.
Seeing the ruckus is over, the match referee stopped the game there and declared Sri Lanka a few minutes in a few minutes. With this, the Indian team missed the final, while Sri Lanka defeated Australia in the final and won the World Cup title for the first time. Disappointed with the defeat, the entire Indian team started crying over the ground. Grief Vinod Kambli was also felt as he had fulfilled his dream of playing the World Cup at that time in his early years. Kambli was unbeaten on 10 runs, he was expected to win even then. But the audience’s controversy overwhelmed his dreams.


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