Ayyasamy designed a modern national record in hindrance


Ayyasamy, 20,  of Tamil Nadu passed the 400-meter barricade of men by 49.45 secs on Thursday, on the fourth heyday of the Run Adam Federation Cup Athletics, established a current national record. Ayyasamy, who was a member of the men’s 4x400m relay team at Rio Olympics, finished 49.45 moments and revealed the 11-year-old general experience. Previous to Ayyasam, Joseph Abraha had traversed the 400-meter hurdle in 2007 with a time of 49.51 flashes. Ayyasamy also seized the 49.45 ss qualifying record for the 49.45 s of the Indian Athletics Federation’s Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. T. Santosh Kumar with a timing of 50.14 s, Rajat and M Ramachandran won the bronze medal in the competition with a timing of 51.61 s. Arpinder Singh, who won a bronze medal in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, reached the 16.61 meter high in the triple jump event and won the qualifying mark of 16.60 meters for Commonwealth Games. In the women’s 200 meter race, 18-year-old Hima Das won the first position with a time of 23.37 s. But in 1998, he missed the time of 23.30 secs created by PT Usha. Assam’s Hima missed the 22.60s qualifying mark for the Commonwealth Games.


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